Have you ever noticed that how you feel and what you do in terms of your personal life – directly relates to how well your business does?
I have.
So many of us tend to view business and the rest of our lives, as separate entities.
As if there is this imaginary line drawn down the middle, dividing them.
That somehow, the work you do for your business is entirely different to your time out, away from business.
On one side you have ‘WORK’.
On the other side you have ‘LIFE’.
Trouble is, they actually aren’t separate.
Not really.
But when you treat business and life as separate entities, both forever competing for your time and attention, there will always be a divide and most likely, an imbalance.
Trouble is, our modern world puts an imaginary ‘badge of honour’ on those who work the hardest.
So generally, our business or work, gets priority in our schedules.
We’re always feeling the pressure to cram as much as possible into our lives.
And we literally feel the need to work ourselves into the god darn ground to succeed.
Sound healthy?
Not so much.
Especially, when being on this ‘hamster wheel’ makes us feel like we’re getting nowhere.
And being on the hamster wheel equals zero business growth.
When this happens, we start looking for different methods, business models and marketing tactics to fix the business growth problem.
When in reality, the problem lies with you.
There’s too much of a divide between business and the rest of your life.
And there is too much emphasis and priority on work.
Leaving zero room for fun, rest and therefore CREATIVITY.
And leaving you stuck in doom, gloom and desperation.
Going nowhere. Fast.
I wonder though what would happen if more business owners bought the two sides of their lives together.
To make business a part of their overall life and lifestyle.
To integrate time out, fun, connection, hobbies – all that good stuff – INTO how we approach and operate our businesses and our days and weeks.
That maybe, the two don’t need to be so divided after all.
What would that mean?
Would it mean that you would value your health more – because you knew your personal wellbeing was key to successfully driving your business forward?
Would it mean that you might prioritise your hobbies – because you know that if you find creative inspiration (and relaxation) in the fun things, that possibly, you’ll bring that extra creative enthusiasm and inspiration back to your business?
Would you nurture your relationships with friends and family more – because you know that when you soften and connect with those closest to you, it allows you to understand and connect with your customers better too?
Would you bring MORE to your business if more of your own needs, were prioritised.
What would it mean if you suddenly made the choice – and a conscious effort – to realise that everything is intertwined?
That your choices in your personal life have a direct consequence on how your business performs.
That the way you CHOOSE to run your business has a direct impact on whether or not you feel fulfilled in your personal life.
What if you could choose to have balance?
What if it could all be easy?
What if business and life could exist, perfectly in harmony.
What if one, empowered the other.
What if prioritising your own personal needs and desires – was the secret to success, you’ve been looking for, all along.
What if nothing was as hard as you are currently making it.
Business and life can work seamlessly together.
Business can be full of joy, ease and pleasure.
What if the REAL secret to business success – was as easy as looking after you?


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